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Lubomir MATIASKO from Czech Republic
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The type of ads: "send an email address - you'll get information." I simply skip. This is a common blackmail. Although it has the flashy name 'email marketing'. I say that email marketing is overrated. When I have 20-30 responses for 10,000 emails sent, I stand by my own. And the idea is nurtured intentionally. It's a business like everything.

Before I register anywhere and provide my data, I want information.
I appreciate when the text contains information. I don't want to read the same 6 times. And just superlatives about how miraculous that product is.
According to bad previous experiences, I never provide a phone number.

I Use

You have SAVINGs in the Bank?
What percentage you have in the bank?

The SAFEST and most EFFICIENT way
is to put SAVINGs into the CRYPTOCURRENCY

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GO-SmartTradeCoin (Trading Bots)

Why did I invest?
I don't want to have my savings in the bank for a ridiculous percentage. That's why I put the savings in crypto currencies. And in GO-SmartTradeCoin I profit twice.
- exchange rate (everything flies up and high like a rocket)
- trading my robots
Is It high profitability system and is available to everyone. Try the DEMO version for free. Trading bots earn up to 30% or even more!

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CannerGrow (Cannabis Participation)

Buy your marijuana, your own plant. Everyone can own their cannabis plant. Everyone can get his foot into the industry together with us. You can own your plant within a few mouse clicks. We either ship you your harvested cannabis, or you can sell it and have significant revenue.

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