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Who is reasonable, does not want deaf, blind and meaningless traffic.
Only the RESPONSE makes sense.

Quality Advertising with RESPONSE - or do You want EARNINGS 154% ??

SpectroADs - last24hours

  Measure Your Work  


• On SpectroADs I have six active links + two direct (unmeasured). They are rotators and different pages separately.

• On SpectroADs I click 30 ads every day

• I need 17 minutes for that

• I've had over 800 views of my sites on SpectroADs in the last 24 hours

• I had 28 responses (3.5%)
It was a little weaker that day. The response is usually 5 - 6%. But for 17 minutes of work very decent.

• 800 views on TrafficAdBar (and on EasyHits4u) I surf for long time !! And I get a fraction of the response!

• And I really physically clicked on the mentioned sites on this day. Graphs of the results can be found below.


• I no longer click on EasyHits4u and TrafficAdBar. I value my free time more than a few extra responses (but I admit that a different site, at a different time, or a different day may have different results)

• I have significantly more free time

• I will get significantly more responses

• I have my life back

• He puts my money back in every day

• I bought hundreds of thousands of banner impressions from my profit

And I really make real money !

• This site is great to use only for earnings. You can promote your city, a friend's blog, .. anything (legal)
Up to 154% earning !! !

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TrafficAdBar + EasyHits4u - only 11 responses !!
in 9 hours of clicking !!

People! Measure your work. Evaluate and think.
What's worth it? And it's worth the effort. And what not ..

  LeadsLeap - Measuring Your Work  

More - last24hours

If you've read this far, here's a table with other surfing sites. Some sites are just a waste of time. And a gold mine for the owners.    CLICK
Some sites simply have responses. Others are just insignificant traffic without response. Therefore, measure your work:       LeadsLeap  


• I clicked for 9 hours on this day (with breaks)

• I don't want to and I can't click without a break. That's why traffic outages. That wouldn't be life.

• You can see the total number of impressions
(marked with exclamation marks)

• Total number of responses = 11
(9 hours of work !!)


• Let everyone make their own conclusion

• I wish you a good decision

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